WSAS is the premier source of objective scientific and technological information on important issues, questions and problems to achieve informed public policy decisions in Washington State.

WSAS works with state government agencies, offices, and the legislature to provide expert scientific and engineering assessments to policymakers. WSAS convenes committees and panels of experts including Academy members and others to advise on scientific and engineering issues.

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“When the need for targeted, independent scientific review arose during our work, the WSAS was primed and ready to assist our efforts.”

Todd Hass, PhD, Puget Sound Partnership

“Science is vital to the recovery of salmon and orcas in Washington, and the Washington State Academy of Sciences has proven itself to be pivotal in providing independent, objective, and trusted science for salmon, orcas, people, and our environment. Given the challenges we face as communities and as a region, we need an institution like the Academy that can help guide the way.”

Erik Neatherlin, Director, Governor's Salmon Recovery Office

Transportation Resiliency

Transportation Resiliency Roundtable Timeline: March 2022 - April 2023 Sponsor: Washington Academy of Sciences Collaborator: Mobility Innovation Center at the University of Washington The Washington State Academy of Sciences, in collaboration with the Mobility Innovation Center at the University of Washington convened a roundtable with researchers and public and private stakeholders [...]


Skagit River Basin Water Supply Scoping for the Joint Legislative Task Force on Water Supply

Skagit River Basin Water Supply Scoping for the Joint Legislative Task Force on Water Supply Timeline: November 2021 - May 2022Sponsoring Agency: WA Department of Ecology on behalf of the Joint Legislative Task Force on Water SupplyA WSAS Committee on the Skagit Water Supply has been advising the Joint Legislative Task [...]


Clean Energy Fund, Research, Development, and Demonstration Review Panel

WSAS is vetting and recruiting a panel of scientific and technical experts in relevant fields to conduct the review of proposals received through the Washington Department of Commerce's Clean Energy Fund, RD&D competition.


Pinniped Predation on Salmonids

WSAS conducted a scientific and technical review of the science of pinniped predation on salmonids, with an emphasis on Washington’s portion of the Salish Sea and Washington’s outer coast. This project involved review of the existing science and data around pinniped predation, engagement with salmon co-managers, stakeholders, and scientists beyond the committee, and a report describing the science of pinniped predation. The report includes an assessment of scientific and technical aspects of potential management actions.


COVID-19 Steering Committee-Led Activities

The WSAS COVID-19 Steering Committee will develop actions to be taken by the Academy to assist the state in dealing with the pandemic. The actions could involve near-term advice and longer-term assessments of outcomes and recommendations on how to prepare for future emergencies. The Committee will hold periodic meetings to discuss potential actions and work with WSAS staff to implement committee recommendations.


Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) in plant fiber-based food packaging

WSAS is conducting an independent third-party review of a report by the WA Department of Ecology related to the identification of safer alternatives to per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) in fiber-based food packaging. 

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