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Mitigating the impacts of COVID-19 on children


The pandemic dramatically interrupted K-12 education for all students across the state and led to a range of academic, social, physical, and mental and behavioral health impacts. The disruptions caused by the pandemic disproportionately impacted students and families that are low-income, from historically disadvantaged communities, immune compromised, and/or special needs. The Washington State Academy of Sciences (WSAS) is collaborating with the William D. Ruckelshaus Center (the Center) to support researchers, policymakers, practitioners, and others in addressing the impacts of Covid-19 on Washington’s children and applying lessons learned to future emergencies.

For this project, WSAS will review and synthesize the key research findings describing the impacts of the pandemic on children, and will identify where more research is needed to inform new policies, strategies, and programs. In a complementary activity, the Center will bring together policy makers, practitioners, researchers, advocates, and others to understand what is working, what is not, and how to best support children’s social, emotional, physical, and academic health and recovery. Reports on the discussions, conclusions, or recommendations emerging from convenings will be shared among policymakers, practitioners, advocates, researchers, and others as appropriate.

Project Details


WSAS initiated


January – December 2024


WSAS, Hoveida Family Foundation

Project Team


John Roll*, Chair
Washington State University

Richard Catalano, Jr.*
University of Washington

Brian French*
Washington State University

Nicholas Lovrich
Washington State University, retired

David Swanson*
Emeritus, University of California, Riverside

David Takeuchi*
University of Washington

Wes Von Voorhis*
University of Washington

*WSAS members


Donna Gerardi Riordan
Executive Director

Tristan Fehr
Associate Program Officer

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