Commissioned Work

Salmon Hatchery Scientific Review

WSAS contributed scientific and technical advising to A review of hatchery reform science in Washington State prepared by the WA Dept. of Fish and Wildlife. Winter 2020.

Evaluation with Recommendations by the Washington State Academy of Sciences of 2015 Drought and Agriculture. Washington State Department of Agriculture.

The Washington State Department of Agriculture–Natural Resources Assessment Section asked the WSAS to review the science supporting the methodologies and interpretation of the results of its study of the 2015 drought on Washington agriculture. December 2016.

Opportunities for Addressing Laminated Root Rot Caused By Phellinus Sulphurascens in Washington’s Forests.

A report to identify approaches and opportunities ripe for research on understanding and managing root diseases of Douglas-fir. December 2013.

Sound Indicators: A Review For the Puget Sound Partnership.

An assessment of the Puget Sound Partnership’s progress in developing the scientific basis for monitoring and assessing progress toward achieving a vibrant Puget Sound. August 2012.

White Papers

White Paper on Washington State Initiative 522 (I-522): Labeling Foods Containing Genetically Modified Ingredients.

Washington State Legislators requested this paper to provide background information to assist the legislature in understanding the implications should I-522 pass. October 2013.

Enhancing Scientific and Technical Expertise for the Washington State Legislature.

WSAS, along with the Ruckelshaus Center, sponsored a workshop aimed at improving scientific and technical expertise delivery to the WA State Legislature. The workshop was organized by Melanie Roberts, who is now with PNNL.


Annual Reports


Our Annual Reports to the Governor are available here.

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