Topical Affinity Groups (TAGs) aim to leverage the multidisciplinary perspectives and deep expertise of WSAS members to draw attention to scientific and technological issues of importance to Washington State. TAGs facilitate member organization around topics of common interest, breaking down disciplinary boundaries and providing members with a mechanism to identify emerging issues and plan related activities. TAGs are member-driven and reflect members’ advanced knowledge of new research, technologies and industries. WSAS staff provide each TAG with background research and logistical support.

Active Groups


TAGs lie at the intersection of what is of interest to WSAS members, the scientific and technical needs of the state, and the expertise of WSAS members. Currently, TAG pilot topics are selected by the WSAS Board of Directors as to areas in which the state has a growing interest. However, in the future, members will be able to submit proposals to start new TAGs.

Get Involved

All WSAS members are invited (and encouraged!) to participate in any and all TAGs that align with their area of expertise and/or interests. Contact the WSAS staff member supporting the TAG to learn more.

Venn diagram with three circles that have interesting to the state, where our expertise is, and interesting to members


All WSAS members are welcome to participate in all TAGs aligning with their expertise and/or interests. Some WSAS members may be specifically invited to participate based on their expertise. While TAGs are primarily composed of WSAS members, non-WSAS members with relevant expertise may also be invited to participate.

TAGs are inherently member-driven and as such members determine the scope and goals of each TAG. Members understand where science is headed and can help the state prepare for and support developing technologies and industries.