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Value of Solar


The Washington State Legislature asked the Academy to conduct a study to determine the value of distributed solar and storage in Washington state in order to create recommendations and options for a methodology or methodologies that utility regulators and governing bodies may use after the statutory four percent net metering threshold is met. As part of this project, WSAS will engage relevant stakeholders focused on the value of distributed energy resources in Washington state, including solar, storage, vehicle to grid, and other resources. Stakeholders will include representatives from consumer-owned utilities, municipal-owned utilities, investor-owned utilities, utility regulators, the rooftop solar and storage industry, as well as advocacy organizations involved with consumer advocacy, environmental justice, clean energy, climate change, labor unions, and federally recognized Indian tribes.

Project Details


Requested of WSAS


July 2024 – June 2025


Washington State Legislature via the WA Department of Commerce

Project Team



Donna Gerardi Riordan
Executive Director

Tristan Fehr
Associate Program Officer

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