The Washington State Academy of Sciences is the leading source of objective scientific and technological information in Washington State. Top experts, both within and beyond the Academy, participate in our projects and activities to examine and assemble evidence-based findings to address critical issues facing the state. There are two major categories of projects carried out by WSAS – those that are requested of WSAS by the state and those that are initiated by WSAS.

  • Salmon swimming upstream
    Science of Salmon Hatcheries Review
  • WSAS activities in response to COVID-19
  • Protecting WA species and habitats through Net Ecological Gain standards
  • Review for the Governor’s Salmon Recovery Office
  • Orca whale swimming
    Disturbance and noise impacts on Southern Resident Killer Whales
  • donuts in a box
    Addressing PFAS in Food Packaging
  • Review of the scientific basis for Skagit River water flow management
  • Skagit River Basin Water Supply