The 16th Annual Symposium of the Washington State Academy of Sciences featured a topic of critical importance to both Washington State and the world: sustainable aviation.

Held on August 17, 2023, at the Museum of Flight in Seattle, the symposium was organized around three interconnected topics:

  • The technologies being developed to forge a sustainable future for aviation,
  • The broader changes in the aviation infrastructure required to enable the safe and economically sustainable implementation of sustainable aviation technologies,
  • And the workforce development needed to inculcate the skills that people will need to develop, produce, operate, and maintain the technologies and infrastructure sustainable aviation will demand.

Roughly 170 sustainable aviation stakeholders – including academic experts, industry representatives and policymakers – participated in this insightful, forward-looking event.

With its historical leadership in the aviation sector, Washington State has an unequaled opportunity to lead the way toward a sustainable aviation future. By helping the planet decarbonize, what happens in Washington State will make a difference around the world.

View the symposium proceedings.