Nominate a New Member

WSAS is now accepting nominations for the 2021 class of new members.

The deadline to submit complete nomination packages is 5 pm (PT) on Wednesday, March 31. Nominations submitted after the deadline or nominations that do not use the forms below will not be accepted.

The overall guiding principle for new member nominations is to identify individuals with outstanding scientific knowledge, a strong record of scientific achievement, and who will be willing to work on behalf of the Academy in bringing the best available science to bear on the diversity of challenges and opportunities within the State of Washington. The Academy’s goal is to represent the full range of scientific expertise for effectively serving the research needs of the State of Washington.

2021 Primary Nomination Form

2021 Secondary Reference Form

2021 Nominations Instructions

If you have any questions about nominating someone to the Washington State Academy of Sciences, please email our Program Operations Manager at


Nomination Instructions

1. The nomination must be led by a primary nominator, who must be a WSAS member.

2. The nomination must be supported by a secondary nominator who does not have to be a WSAS member. The secondary nominator must be from a different institution than the primary nominator.

3. Proposed candidates must be nominated for a membership section but can be nominated by any current WSAS member regardless of their section.

4. Proposed candidates’ primary residence must be in Washington State and/or their primary and permanent employment must be in Washington State.

5. Nominations must be prepared using official WSAS nominations forms. The primary and secondary nominator must each complete the appropriate form and submit them separately to

6. WSAS allows existing full CVs to be submitted along with nominations. CVs may be submitted by primary nominators only. No other additional materials will be accepted.