Nominate a New Member

The nominations period for the class of 2021 is now closed. New members will be announced in July.

If you have questions about nominating someone to the Washington State Academy of Sciences, please email our Program Operations Manager at


How nominating works

Nominations must be led by a WSAS member. If you are not a member and are interested in nominating someone to WSAS, please reach out to any of our members using the public membership directory.

Nominations must be supported by a secondary nominator – who need not be a WSAS member. Secondary nominators must be affiliated with a different institution than the primary nominator.

Each nominee must nominated in one of the five disciplinary sections.

Eligibility: Nominees’ primary residence must be in Washington State and/or their primary and permanent employment must be in Washington State. Successful nominees have been recognized nationally for their high level of scientific achievement and have demonstrated a commitment to employing their expertise in service of their institutions, the state, and the nation.

The nominating period opens annually in February and closes in March. After all nominations are submitted, they are reviewed by member committees representing the five disciplinary sections. Nominations are reviewed only by the section committee in which they were nominated. Nominees that are deemed qualified for membership by the section committees are presented to a membership committee made up of the section committee chairs and members at-large. This group certifies the final candidate slate and presents it to the Board. Once the Board approves the slate, elections are opened and members vote to approve or disapprove each candidate for membership. Elected candidates are offered membership in late June and those that accept are announced in July and inducted in September at the Annual Members’ Meeting.

The full nominating procedure can be found here.