SEATTLE, WA – The Washington State Academy of Sciences (WSAS) recently received a generous gift from the Hoveida Family Foundation, which will support several upcoming WSAS activities in key areas such as developing the future STEM workforce, advancing Indian and Native health, and assessing the impact of COVID-19 on K-12 students.

“We are so grateful for the remarkable generosity of the Hoveida Family Foundation,” said WSAS President John Roll. “With this new funding we will be able to have an impact in several areas in the near term.”

The Hoveida Family Foundation was co-founded by WSAS member Bahman Hoveida to support scientific causes that make people’s lives better and positively impact the environment. Mr. Hoveida is also a member of the National Academy of Engineering to which he was elected in 2022 “for entrepreneurial leadership in the development of advanced energy management system software for electric utility operations.”

Making informed decisions or policies on challenges related to energy, water, health, natural resources, education and workforce preparation requires access to the best available scientific and technical information. The Academy serves as a nonpartisan, independent bridge between scientists, policymakers and other interested parties to address these challenges by sharing the latest research and exploring new ideas and solutions.

Donations help WSAS respond to the scientific and technological information needs of Washington State and increase the impact of research in the state. Donations are used to…

“Our members know first-hand the importance of bringing science to bear on issues in Washington State,” said Donna Gerardi Riordan, WSAS executive director. “We are honored to work together with them to ensure that Washington State policies and decisions are informed by the best available science.”

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