Project Description

Underwater Acoustics and Disturbance

Timeline: December 2019 – November 2020

Sponsoring Agency: WA Department of Fish and Wildlife

A scientific and technical review of the best available science about disturbance and noise impacts to Southern Resident Killer Whales. The committee’s work will inform rule-making for small vessel and commercial whale watching, as requested by SSSB 5577. A virtual workshop to engage additional scientists and experts in the field is scheduled for late April while a stakeholder engagement workshop is scheduled for early May.

Committee Members

Ron Thom, chair (PNNL Emeritus)

Peter Dahl (UW)

Marla Holt (NOAA)

David Lusseau (University of Aberdeen)

Dawn Noren (NOAA)

Susan Parks (Syracuse University)

Dom Tollit (SMRU Consulting)

Bold names indicate WSAS members.