Thursday, August 17, 2023 | 12:00pm to 7:00pm | The Museum of Flight, Seattle

Reaching the emission reduction goals of Washington State and the aviation industry requires the adoption of new technologies as well as innovations in public policy, infrastructure and workforce development. Through our annual symposium, WSAS brought together the people and ideas needed to map Washington State’s path to leadership in this rapidly developing sector.

Read our white paper which reviews the opportunities and challenges of the technology options, their associated infrastructure, and the workforce development needs for Washington State to maintain its leadership role in the new sustainable aviation ecosystem.

This event was livestreamed by TVW.

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Roger M. Myers, PhD, Chair

Kayla Coffey, AFA

Donna Gerardi Riordan, WSAS

Beth Hacker, JCATI

Mehran Mesbahi, PhD, UW

Cindy Messey, Museum of Flight

Kristi Morgansen, PhD, UW

Robin Toth, WA Department of Commerce

Emily Wittman, AFA

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Symposium Program

12:30pm Welcome 16th Annual Symposium

Dr. Roger Myers, Chair, WSAS Past President and Aerospace Consultant, and Dr. Vandana Slatter, WA Representative of the 48th District

12:45pm Keynote Presentation: A Vision for Sustainable Aviation
The Need, Technology Options, and Implications

Dr. Richard Wahls, Mission Integration Manager, Sustainable Flight National Partnership, NASA Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate

1:25pm Panel 1: Sustainable Aircraft Propulsion Vehicle Technologies and Fuels

Moderator: Dr. Anna Oldani, Sustainable Aviation Fuel Program Manager, Federal Aviation Administration


Dr. Josh Heyne, Co-Director, WSU-PNNL Bioproducts Institute, Washington State University. Sustainable Aviation Fuels
P. Scott Cary PE, Ports and Airports Program Lead, Energy Systems Integration Directorate, NREL. Electric Aircraft
Dr. Jonathan Gladin, Senior Research Engineer, Chief, Propulsion and Energy Division, Georgia Tech, Hydrogen

2:20pm Break

2:35pm Panel 2: Infrastructure Changes for Sustainable Aviation

Moderator: Melinda Pagliarello, Managing Director, Environmental Affairs Airports Council International — North America


Dr. Michael Wolcott, Regents Professor and LP Distinguished Professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, WSU: Sustainable Aviation Fuel – scaling production and engine certification
Dr. Florian Allroggen, Research Scientist, Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics at MIT, and Executive Officer, Laboratory for Aviation and the Environment, MIT: Hydrogen production and transportation challenges
Dr. Subramanian Vadari
: Founder and President of Modern Grid Solutions: Electric Aviation – challenges to the power grid

3:35pm 2nd Keynote: Workforce Development for the Sustainable Aviation Ecosystem
In light of the technology and infrastructure challenges, what new educational and training initiatives will we need in this new sustainable ecosystem?

Howard E. McKenzie, Chief Engineer and Executive Vice President, Engineering, Test & Technology, The Boeing Company

4:10pm Break

4:25pm Panel 3: Workforce Development Needs to Support the Sustainable Aviation Ecosystem

Moderator: Dr. Kristi Morgansen, Chair, Dept. of Aeronautics and Astronautics, University of Washington


Dr. Nancy Allbritton, Dean, College of Engineering, UW: Academic Pipeline
Dave Berger, STEM Engagement Embed for Aeronautics, NASA: STEM Engagement Opportunities for Sustainable Aviation
Dr. Dana Riley Black,
VP of Education, The Museum of Flight: K-12 and Training Pipeline
Carolyn Busch,
Director of Workforce Innovation and Industry Sector Program Coordinator, Washington Department of Commerce Office of Economic Development and Competitiveness: Access and Opportunities to Build the Sustainable Aviation Workforce

5:20pm Closing Remarks

5:30pm Reception and networking
Remarks from:

  • Representative Joe Fitzgibbon, Majority Leader and Chair, WA House Environment and Energy Committee,
  • Mehran Mesbahi, PhD, Executive Director, JCATI,
  • Matt Hayes, President and CEO, the Museum of Flight, and
  • Emily Wittman, CEO of Aerospace Futures Alliance