WSAS  has many standing committees. From time to time, the Board of Directors may appoint temporary (ad hoc) committees.

Officers Committee
Roger Myers, Chair
Don Baer
Allison Campbell
Ronald Thom

Finance Committee
Allison Campbell, Chair
Cathryn Booth-LaForce
Mick Smerdon
Jonathan Yoder

Nominations Committee
Ronald Thom, Chair
Dianne Chong

Planning Committee for the 14th Annual Meeting
Howard Frumkin, Chair

Membership Committee
Ron Mittelhammer, Chair
Don Baer, Vice Chair
Charlie Campbell, Section 1 Chair
Suresh Baskaran, Section 2 Chair
Ray Hilborn, Section 3 Chair
Margaret Heitkemper, Section 4 Chair
Andrew Meltzoff, Section 5 Chair
Anjan Bose, at large
James De Yoreo, at large
Don Dillman, at large
Jud Virden, at large

Topical Working Groups
Environmental Quality, Sustainability and Climate Change
Larry Dalton, Chair
Jim Fredrickson, Vice Chair
Jobs, Infrastructure and Economic Environment
Daniel Schwartz, Co-chair
Jun Liu, Co-chair
Quality of Life, Health, Education and Workforce Preparedness
John Roll, Chair
Guy Palmer, Vice Chair

Study Oversight Committee
Roger Myers, Chair

Communications Committee
Brian Atwater, Chair
Don Baer
Shirley Beresford
Sue Clark
Roger Myers

K-12 Education Committee
John Roll, chair
Susmita Bose
Gary Foss (non-member)
Terry McElwain

COVID-19 Steering Committee, ad hoc
Ron Thom, Chair
Philip A. Bernstein
Ann Bostrom
Richard Catalano, Jr.
Dianne Chong
Lee Huntsman
Ruby Leung
Clifford F. Mass
Ron Mittelhammer
Guy Hughes Palmer

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, ad hoc
Jud Virden, Chair
Celestina Barbosa-Leiker
Nathan Baker
Shirley Beresford
Cathryn Booth-LaForce
Laura Griner Hill
Katrina Mealey
John Roll