Project Description

COVID-19 Steering Committee-Led Activities

Timeline: May 2020 – ongoing

The WSAS COVID-19 Steering Committee will develop actions to be taken by the Academy to assist the state in dealing with the pandemic. The actions could involve near-term advice and longer-term assessments of outcomes and recommendations on how to prepare for future emergencies. The Committee will hold periodic meetings to discuss potential actions and work with WSAS staff to implement committee recommendations.

Activities – Community Dialogue Series

Committee Members

Ronald Thom, chair (PNNL, Emeritus)

Philip A. Bernstein (Microsoft)

Ann Bostrom (UW)

Richard Catalano, Jr. (UW)

Dianne Chong (Boeing, retired)

Howard Frumkin (UW, Emeritus)

Lai-yung “Ruby” Leung (PNNL)

Clifford F. Mass (UW)

Ron Mittelhammer (WSU)

Guy Hughes Palmer (WSU)