Our 2019 Projects

12th Annual Symposium on Wildfire

Wildfire in Washington State was a highly successful 12th Annual Symposium with record attendance. Topics included both impacts of wildfire and efforts and approaches to manage forests more appropriately to limit the negative impacts and enhance some benefits of fire. The Symposium Proceedings are available on our website.

Science of Salmon Hatcheries Committee

As part of WSAS’s project with the WA Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW), the Science of Salmon Hatcheries Committee conducted an independent third-party review of hatchery reform science. A summary of the committee’s May 23 workshop can be found on WDFW’s website. The committee was chaired by Larry Dalton; other WSAS members on the committee were Tom QuinnRobin Waples, and James Winton. Other committee members were Joe Cook (WSU), Michael Ford (NFSC), Shawn Narum (CRITFC), and Peter Westley (UAF).

Skagit River Water Supply Committee

WSAS conducted an independent third-party review of a set of consultant reports that the Department of Ecology commissioned to inform the Joint Legislative Task Force on Skagit Basin Water Supply. Committee members included WSAS members Michael Goodchild and Dennis Lettenmaier, who were joined by Jennifer Adam (WSU), Rick Dinicola (USGS), Andy Long (USGS), and Mark Wigmosta (PNNL).

Additive Manufacturing of Advanced Materials (AMoAM)

Amit Bandyopadhyay and Ramulu Mamidala co-chaired a WSAS steering committee on AMoAM that is preparing a white paper on this issue to help inform policy makers and others about its economic and educational potential for WA State. The paper will be used in future discussions with legislators, agency personnel, industry, and education leaders. Other members involved are Don Baer, James De Yoreo, and Roger Myers.

Deep Decarbonization

Discussions are continuing with the WA Department of Commerce and a potential funder about ways WSAS can advise state efforts by identifying the essential evidence-based, scientifically evaluated information the State needs to develop a deep decarbonization plan and policy that prioritizes its carbon reduction goals while also supporting broader global decarbonization. Dan Schwartz, chair of the Topical Working Group on Jobs, Infrastructure and Economic Environment, led this effort. Don Baer and Roger Myers were also involved.

Annual Review of Nominations for the Puget Sound Partnership Science Panel

Six WSAS members reviewed the 2018-19 nominations for the Puget Sound Partnership (PSP) Science Panel – Brian AtwaterMichael GoodchildGordon OriansAndre PuntRon Thom and Usha Varanasi.